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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Funny Signs

Here is a list of ten funny signs.

    So the first one pretty much speaks for it's self.  There's a pool, and an individual who would rather "P" was not a part of it. Pee in the pool, as we all know, is bad, it was actually proven by these folks... yes they actually commissioned a study to determine if in fact, human urine is an unwanted ingredient in our pools.  If you read that link, it says clean chlorine doesn't bug your eyes, only pee contaminated chlorine does...soooo any time your eyes hurt from the pool, it's not the pool making them sting, it's the pee from the kid in the shallow end.  Either way, just thinking of how many times my eyes have hurt from a pool, makes me want to make a sign of my own.


    So this next one's just plain hilarious and senseless.  I'm curious as to what the original notice was that started this.


    I'm curious as to what the original notice was that prompted this sign to be posted.

    This is how you get hired, it's just insanely brilliant on the guys part.


    I apologize in advance to any vegans or vegetarians but I just thought it was an awesome comeback on :).

    How this guy stays in business I have no idea. So, his shop may only be open 3 hours (1p.m till 4 p.m.), or could be open for an impressive 17 hours (7 a.m. till 12 midnight).  Your just have to catch him on the right day.


    Not really a sign, but I thought I would include it here. Even if maths not your strong point, look at the explanation below. You'll appreciate this cheque even more when you see who it's made out to. Thats thecorrect way to mess with those damn phone companies :). O and look at the signature.


    Even if your not a mustang fan, you have to admit, this sticker is pretty awesome.

    Finally I leave you with this :).  Some times I feel like I deserve one of those signs (sadly, this isn't me).

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